iMacros enhanced using Javascript

Introduction The other day, I had to automate interactions on a web page, for testing purposes. I stumbled across the iMacros Firefox extension, which turned out to be very mighty. Basics With iMacros you can automate sequences of events on web pages in order to test them in terms of behavior and/or performance. The extension… Continue reading iMacros enhanced using Javascript

Howto find memory leaks using code injection via LD_PRELOAD

Introduction I recently had to find a memory leak in a huge C/C++ application running on linux. Unfortunately, I was not able to use valgrind, because the application was too slow when running inside the valgrind VM. So I decided to write my own memory debugging library. The key idea is to overwrite/replace the original… Continue reading Howto find memory leaks using code injection via LD_PRELOAD

Need ldd on windows?

Hey there, if you might ever need something like ldd on windows to figure out the dependencies on dynamic libraries of some binary, the following link could interest you:

GDB command

Hey folks, I’ve just discovered another neat feature of gdb: command. I was in a situation where I needed to watch a certain variable on each breakpoint hit. Generally, this is pretty easy in gdb using its watch-feature. Unfortunately, the variable under consideration was a QString. Now, we already have some experience with those little… Continue reading GDB command

Print QStrings in GDB

If you will ever have to go through the hell of debugging Qt-applications, you might face the problem of printing the contents of QString objects. If you call print on a QString object in gdb, the output will most probably look like the following: {static null = {<No data fields>}, static shared_null = {ref =… Continue reading Print QStrings in GDB