LaTeX PDFmerge

Hey there, since merging several pdf files is a task that needs to be done pretty often, I decided to write a little TeX file for that. The initial version assumes that all pdf files have the same name pattern and end with a number: \documentclass[a4paper,landscape]{article} \usepackage{pdfpages} \usepackage{forloop}   \begin{document}   \newcounter{ct} \forloop{ct}{1}{\value{ct} < 8}% […]

Captions in Algorithm2e

Hey guys, these days I came across the algorithm2e package of LaTeX, which I prefer to the classic packages algorithm and algorithmic. Unfortunately, it has a weird behaviour concerning captions. One can set the caption font with \SetAlCapFnt, but then the complete caption (including caption label and caption text) will be changed. I can provide […]