Howto: WordPress Child Themes

Last week, I had to make some HTML/CSS/PHP changes to a wordpress blog. I remembered, that the last time I made something like that, all of my changes made directly to the running theme have been overwritten by a theme update. So this time, I really wanted to make things right, make it the wordpress […]

WordPress Spam on Attachment Pages

The other day I recognized in the dashboard of one of my pages, that I had 1600 something unanswered comments. ALTHOUGH I completely disabled comments on my page. I used a fancy theme together with a bunch of plugins to enable a Flickr’ish kind of gallery display with a lightbox. It turns out that wordpress […]

Postfix and SASL

Motivation Postfix and SMTP authentication can be a very time intensive issue, I had to cope with twice. The second time I had to reread all the documentation, because there were almost 5 years between the first and second attempt. This is what motivated me to write this documentation. Introduction Given a running postfix mail […]

PS Selective Colorization

Hello my friends out there! I know, it’s been a long time… Because I had to do it so many times now, here are some essential steps for selective colorization in Adobe PS: Open the desired image in PS Choose Layers – New Settings Layer – Black & White Confirm the popup with Ok, which […]

Modify an initial ramdisk (initrd)

Hi out there! Because modifying an initial ramdisk is something I had to do every once a while and I am pretty oblivious when it comes to “exotic” commands, I will persist the knowledge at this point. First of all, modern linux kernels (like everything above 2.6 or so) use an initrd that is a […]

Need ldd on windows?

Hey there, if you might ever need something like ldd on windows to figure out the dependencies on dynamic libraries of some binary, the following link could interest you:

Got root on MacOS?

Hey you root lovers, no, it’s not a dream, you can haz root on MacOS, too. First, out of security reasons, I recommend to use sudo to do all the nasty stuff on the console. If that ain’t enough, the root users needs to be enabled first. As on most modern Linux distributions, you can […]

MacOS and locked files

Hey peeps around the world, recently I copied some files from one mac to another via network. At first, the access rights on the remote computer were messed up somehow. The nobody user had its finger in the pie. Finally, I’ve made it to copy the files. Now that the files were on my disk, […]