Linux VNC xstartup

Covid-19 makes us do crazy things. Work from home for example. I hade some trouble configuring VNC. Especiall the VNC server config turned out to be very tricky, when it comes to the window manager. I usually use gnome. It took me hours to figure out how to start gnome from a vnc session. This… Continue reading Linux VNC xstartup

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iMacros enhanced using Javascript

Introduction The other day, I had to automate interactions on a web page, for testing purposes. I stumbled across the iMacros Firefox extension, which turned out to be very mighty. Basics With iMacros you can automate sequences of events on web pages in order to test them in terms of behavior and/or performance. The extension… Continue reading iMacros enhanced using Javascript

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Headphones

Introduction After a couple of years of abstinence, I bought myself a new guitar and a new amp. Since I wasn’t really happy with my Gibson Les Paul LPJ 2014 (tonally), I got myself a Fender HSS Strat (Made in Mexico) this time. It was the mid-ish tone that I didn’t like with the Les… Continue reading Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Headphones

Howto find memory leaks using code injection via LD_PRELOAD

Introduction I recently had to find a memory leak in a huge C/C++ application running on linux. Unfortunately, I was not able to use valgrind, because the application was too slow when running inside the valgrind VM. So I decided to write my own memory debugging library. The key idea is to overwrite/replace the original… Continue reading Howto find memory leaks using code injection via LD_PRELOAD

Postfix and SASL

Motivation Postfix and SMTP authentication can be a very time intensive issue, I had to cope with twice. The second time I had to reread all the documentation, because there were almost 5 years between the first and second attempt. This is what motivated me to write this documentation. Introduction Given a running postfix mail… Continue reading Postfix and SASL

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PS Selective Colorization

Hello my friends out there! I know, it’s been a long time… Because I had to do it so many times now, here are some essential steps for selective colorization in Adobe PS: Open the desired image in PS Choose Layers – New Settings Layer – Black & White Confirm the popup with Ok, which… Continue reading PS Selective Colorization

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